What Inspired Me To Start A Travel Blog?

What Inspired Me To Start A Travel Blog?

Travel blogging is not an easy task. It takes a lot of your time, effort, and energy. But it becomes easier when you got that burning passion in you. There’s no right formula to be successful in travel blogging or even in blogging. You just need to have that drive, goal, and passion.

I asked 13 travel bloggers to share “what inspired them to start a travel blog.” Was it for their love for the world, their interest in a particular destination, or a specific experience they encountered? I hope this post inspires you, wherever you are in the world to open up your laptop and start a travel blog. I know you would tell me that it’s easy to say but hard to do. But I want to tell you this, doing your passion, doing something that you love is the most fulfilling thing to do because it became part of you and you enjoy doing it. It is the most rewarding thing you will ever do, trust me!


Sharleen – The Wandering Home Bird

After my dad passed away, it changed me. I was no longer content to get up, go to work and then rinse and repeat constantly. Life is too short. I decided there were places I wanted to do so I set off on a trip to New York. That was at the beginning of this year. I’ve been away again 8 times since! Covering 6 US states and 3 countries. As all these experiences were floating around in my head and I am always quite giddy about them, I needed an outlet to share – that’s when my travel blog was born.

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Shannon – In Search of Mexican

When I was planning my trip to Malta earlier this year I found there was very little information about how wheelchair friendly it was. Cobblestone can be a pretty big issue for wheelchairs so going to the city covered with it isn’t the best idea. Since I moved to Ireland from California a few years ago I’ve had the opportunity to go to a few different places in Europe and the United States, starting a blog seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others to make the prospect of wheelchair travel a little less scary. But I know from the start that I didn’t want it to just be about traveling in a wheelchair so I considered things that I do every time I go somewhere, a sort of a theme to my travel that one thing ended up being searching for good Mexican food. In Ireland, Mexican food is nothing more than a burrito, which is nice but they don’t really do it for me. So whenever I travel I make sure to go to a Mexican place.

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Bang Arevalo – Bangs Bucket List

I started a YouTube travel blog because I want to inspire more people particularly those working overseas who are away from their family and friends to travel. Working overseas can be lonely most of the time but I want them to know that traveling and exploring new destination for vacation may help them cope up with this loneliness and being homesick. For my case and since for some reasons that I don’t get to go back home in the Philippines as often as I want to, traveling has really helped me a lot. Everytime a new trip and a new adventure is coming up, I get excited and feel motivated to give my100% on my current full-time job here in Dubai.

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Mridul – Urban Rabbit

Last summer, I was given a challenge (or maybe an opportunity) by my college to go backpacking across the country and explore every extreme of it. I was introduced to different cultures, people, and places of diverse India with which I was not familiar. This was not the usual tourist experience. I roamed and got lost, only to find myself approaching unexpected adventures. While traveling, I explored a small chunk of the world and a large chunk of myself which inspired me to start a travel blog.

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Joshua and Macayla – Now Boarding For

My wife and I started a blog because we want to tell real people stories, inspire others to chase their passions in life, and tell our story. We are doers who love adventure, interact, and learn.

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Vishal – Travel Folio

Since early childhood I was curious about travels. Luckily, my parents traveled a lot and I tasted the travel fun at an early age. When I moved to Canada from India, I always felt something was missing from my life. I was so busy with my life that I forgot, at one time I was in love with traveling. So to fulfill my dreams, to re-ignite my love of traveling and also to see if I can make it a full time job, I started a travel blog.

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Cassy – Away We Stray

I began my blog during a year-long teaching opportunity just outside of Tokyo Japan. I wanted to share my life with my family and friends. My blog morphed into a website for others to learn about misadventures abroad and to find out how (not) to travel – by avoiding the mistakes I made too. I talk a lot about the difficulties I find abroad and how best to prepare yourself for a good time while in ‘xyz’ country.

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Anders and Marita – A Traveling Photo Journal

We are Anders and Marita from Norway and we started our travel website about 7 months ago when we started our 7 months of travel through Canada and the US. We were so inspired by other great travel bloggers that we wanted to join in on the fun and inspire others to travel through our writing and photography. We thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the blogging and feel that it has opened another world to us and made the world we’re living in smaller. It’s such a great community and fellowship between travel bloggers that we had no idea existed! Again, it’s just so inspirational to keep going with what we’re doing.

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Lisa Susan – My View From Abroad

I was inspired to start a travel blog because I was afraid to lose the memories of the amazing places I had been to. I have been living overseas for almost six years while my husband served in the military and have been to over 25 countries during that time. I would occasionally look back at photos from my trips and realized I was already beginning to not remember things. A blog was a perfect way for me to document those memories before they became even more fuzzy over time. I have a five year old son who was born overseas and many of the trips I took were just he and I and I definitely wanted to have a living memory of those trips for him since he will not remember most of them at all.

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Nathan – Foodie Flash Packer

Before I left on my trip I planned on starting a blog – I even purchased a domain. But I somehow talked myself out of it. I had initially planned on only being gone for six months. I didn’t want to spend my time looking for wifi, editing photos, and writing. So I pushed the thought aside and focused on enjoying my trip and being in the moment. The longer I was gone and the slower I began to travel I realized I had the time. When I crossed the two year mark of my trip I began to give it more serious consideration. It was also about that time that friends and friends of friends began reaching out to me more and more to ask for travel tips and advice. I realized that if I started the blog it would not only help structure my time but also that there ws value in it for others. Now that I’m about to cross the three year mark I sometimes wonder what I’ve gotten myself into but I’m still enjoying the process.

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Wayne – Kuaby

I started to blog for two reasons. The first reason is a selfish one. I wanted a place to document places that I have been to. At the same time, I believe travelers who are planning their upcoming trips will find these information useful. Second, I am concerned that even though there are more travelers than ever, very little of them actually understand the history and culture of the places they have been to. If they did, traveling can transform from a leisurely activity to a strong force that promotes peace and mutual respect among human beings. This is why the content on my blog does not only inform a traveler about an attraction, it also educate about the attraction.

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Mohit – Mohitarts

I always have wanted to travel to new places especially with scenic beauty and while traveling I always have experienced something different like looking different hotel daily because something which I didn’t read on the blogs I had gone through. So that just made me to write about my experiences and reach out to more and more people to make them leave out there houses and experience traveling a different way.

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Vedante – The Lavish Nomad

The Lavish Nomad was started in April 2015 but I started writing articles after a few months. The original intention was to share my travel experiences on Instagram account but then later I decided to start my own blog to share more than just pictures. The Lavish Nomad is an adventure and luxury travel blog where I write about destinations, travel tips and a lot more. The main aim is to make it the ultimate source of information, tips, and inspiration for people who are looking to travel or who are already on the road.

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Do you have a travel blog?

What inspired you to start a travel blog?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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